Kusama Parachain Lease Offering, April 2021

Robonomics rewards the Kusama Parachain auction participants!
Kusama Parachain Lease Offering, April 2021

1 KSM = 1 XRT

Every participant will be rewarded with XRT

The most relevant information is available here: https://robonomics.network/kusama-slot

  • Get rewards: per 1 KSM contributed, 1 XRT is rewarded
  • XRT for now is available on Uniswap, Huobi, and in addition on PancakeSwap
  • Receive increased staking of 125% return for the next 48 weeks
  • Quick rewards option: 25% right after the win, 75% after the successful launch of the Robonomics parachain (est. 2-4 weeks)
  • Contribute to the future: Robonomics integrates new technologies into the real economy

Crowdloan limit: 100,000 KSM

Robonomics will participate in 3rd-5th slot auctions to win. Support Robonomics in the Kusama slots auction.

Why is it important to support Robonomics in the Kusama slots auction?

The main goal of Robonomics is to connect IoT devices using the Polkadot network. For example, it allows Polkadot users to pay vending machines or robots in any token of the Polkadot ecosystem.

Robonomics is a project with a long history that started in 2015, after the launch of the Ethereum network. During the project’s development, the team published more than 10 academic articles and created more than 15 R&D projects which included control of drones, industrial manipulators, sensor networks, and even a Boston Dynamics’ robot dog over Ethereum and Polkadot networks.

Robonomics is a project that integrates new technologies into the real economy. However, to fuel this, a reasonable ‘gas’ price is required. Kusama makes the costs of communication between IoT devices and humans affordable.

Kusama Auction mechanics: https://kusama.network/auctions

Parachain Crowdloans: https://guide.kusama.network/docs/en/mirror-learn-crowdloans

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Community, support our auction 🦾

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