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Robonomics is an open-source technology for IoT market available for everyone. Read an executive summary to know more


XRT is the utility token that make it possible to control IoT devices on top of the Ethereum network and the Robonomics parachain

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Robonomics objectives

Based on the achievements of cloud platforms, Robonomics aims to offer the IoT market safer and more advanced Internet solutions at every stage of human-machine communication. There are the main tasks for which Robonomics is being developed:

1. IoT device management with a decentralized cloud

Blockchain networks have all the parameters to ensure the highest level of security for device launch and receiving telemetry. Interaction with a device can actually be described by changing the state of the digital twin stored in the blockchain network and delivering information about these changes to the physical device. In the case of using a permissionless blockchain, we can be sure of the global availability of providers, as well as a high level of data protection of the digital twin from unwanted changes.

2. Techno-economic transactions between humans and machines

We can talk about institutional achievements in terms of access of automated systems directly to digital markets through cryptocurrencies and smart contracts. For example, Ethereum already implements most of the basic tools of economic activity. The applications created today to connect the end user and IoT devices will be much more efficient if the payment and terms of service are inseparable from the launch parameters of the device.

3. Serverless IoT applications for users

The question of the privacy of users of modern applications should not be stuck in the inability of companies to use modern advances in the field of web3. There is no need to authenticate or require connection to specific servers to access telemetry and control the device.

What you can build with Robonomics right now

Control Mars Curiosity rover

Make Mars Curiosity rover move under Robonomics Parachain control

Connect ROS-compatible Drone

You can control any ROS-compatible robot with Robonomics parachain control

Launch Kuka manipulator

Send transaction in Robonomics parachain, launch Kuka manipulator and get robot's telemetry in IPFS.

ROS-based Projects for Smart Spaces

Here, you’ll find a modest list of ROS-based projects that are dedicated to robots and IoT-devices that are meant for use in a home or office environment
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