Robonomics Crowdloan unveils plan B to win with plan A

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Robonomics Crowdloan unveils plan B to win with plan A

Robonomics team greatly values the support from the community. We understand that the main problem which stands before you right now is the fear of ending up being contributors of a project that will not get a slot. No slot, no reward. As a result, the community supports the first and doubts to support those who are fighting for the 4th and 5th slots.

Of course, we could take a step back now and just wait for Autumn, when auctions for the next slots should start. Observing the current crowdfunding process, it is safe to say that Robonomics will get a Kusama parachain slot this year. Nonetheless, we would like to fight for the 4th and 5th slots. And that is why we are publishing plan B.

Plan B guarantees rewards for all of the 2021 crowdloan campaign participants and the launch of staking on the Robonomics frontier network. Which will last until we obtain a Kusama network slot. This is an excellent opportunity to cool your nerves and collectively move forward with the project roadmap regardless of the results of this summer’s parachain auctions.

Robonomics Crowdloan Campaign Plan “B”

For every 1 KSM all summer crowdloan campaign all participants will get 3.5 XRT on the Robonomics frontier network.

Within a month following the conclusion of the first 5 auctions, staking on the frontier network will be activated with an APR of 50% until a Kusama network slot is obtained.

Every participant of the summer crowdloan campaign will receive an NFT Robonomics Pioneer card, which will provide additional bonuses, details will be shared closer to the next wave of auctions.

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