Crowdloan for Robonomics on Kusama

Robonomics integrates Polkadot technologies into the IoT market. Support Robonomics in the Kusama slots auction, let's go to the future together

3.5 XRT

For each KSM. This is ~ 1.5 times more profitable than staking KSM in the Kusama Relay Chain


Increased reward for participants in the collection of the first 35,000 KSM

135,000 KSM

Total collection limit. This strategy will help to launch Robonomics parachain at the lowest price for end users

Quick rewards

You can get 50% of reward in the first month after the launch of the network

Exclusive APR up to 100%

Full reward will be received after one year of staking with increased income up to 100%

Parachain native token

All XRT tokens will be distributed in the Robonomics parachain

How to maximize the reward with Polkapets NFT

Let's consider an example:

  • Alice bonded 1 KSM for Robonomics crowdloan within the first 35k KSM;
  • After X time period (not decided by the DAO yet), Alice will have to visit Robonomics dApp to maximize the reward by signing a message from an Ethereum wallet with NFT.

The bonus is available regardless, she got NFT before or after bonding KSM.

By winning a Parachain slot in the Kusama we will open the doors for hundreds of IoT developers to the Polkadot ecosystem and help them take their first steps under the guidance of experienced teachers and roboticists.
Sergei Lonshakov, Robonomics network architect

Choose your strategy

For KSM holders

Robonomics PLO may be interesting for stakeholders who are looking for ways to diversify their KSM stake next 48 weeks inside the ecosystem. XRT for now is available on Uniswap, Huobi, and in addition on PancakeSwap.

For XRT holders

Gain value for your XRT by winning Kusama Slot with Robonomics network great potential for scaling. Read development plans in our blog

For tech-inspired

Robonomics already has complex ecosystem for connecting real world to Web3 Technology Stack. It's free, it's opensource, everybody can try it for IoT and Smart services. With Polkadot it can be even more cost-effective.

Roadmap of the Robonomics parachain

Part 1: Establishing core functionality

In 3 months after the Robonomics parachain launch, Robonomics developers are going to activate the core functionally that’s been developing during 2019-2021, and also supplement the network with modules that have proven themselves in the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems.

Genesis state: (0 week) Launch of the starter pack of Robonomics parachain functions with IoT management services and collators reward systems.

Update 1.1 Staking and allowing transfers (0 - 1 week). Will allow you to transfer XRT and stake your XRT with a 10% APR for all token holders and 50% for Crowdloan participants.

Update 1.2 Treasury and Technical committee (2 - 3 week). Will allow transferring a share of the DAO funds from Ethereum to the parachain. The Technical Committee can produce emergency referenda. These are used for emergency bug fixes or rapid implementation of new but battle-tested features into the runtime.

Update 1.3 RWS (4 - 5 week). Will allow using IoT management functions with not only commission payments in XRT but a monthly subscription as well.

Update 1.4 Robot-as-a-service (6 - 7 week). Will allow to implement a control process for the provision of automated services and use payments within transactions to launch devices.

Update 1.5 XCMP functionality and Robobank (8 - 9 week). The solution is based on the Polkadot XCMP architecture that will allow any parachain to get access to IoT device management with payment in a native token.

Update 1.6 Democracy and Remove Sudo (10 - 11 week). Developers won’t have the ability to interfere with the operations of the network without the involvement of the technical committee or voting of parachain native token holders.

Part 2: Launch services based on Robonomics R&D

2nd part of Robonomics parachain growth in Kusama designated to the launch of services based on previous Robonomics team’s R&D projects.

Globally available digital passports of products By supplementing the status of digital twins with information about the produced products, customers will be able to issue digital passports protected against changes and loss of information in the future. This use case is already implemented as a pilot at the enterprise that’s producing drones. The solution used for quality control during packaging with video recording.

Smart leasing of IoT & Robotics We’ll demonstrate the ability to use the Robonomics parachain for leasing an IoT/Robotics device. Using the example of 2 robots controlled by Robonomics parachain in 2 different industries. The first use case - an educational program based on Boston Dynamics SDK, during which developers will learn how to control the famous robot dog - Spot. The second one - an industrial manipulator sold under a leasing agreement in the United States. Both robots will provide customers with automatically generated reports at the end of the user session.

Environmental mitigation services for smart buildings with real carbon credits It will allow customers to automatically collect information about the electricity consumption of the household or apartment building, burn carbon credits, and store a report in the parachain.

Fault-tolerant civil sensors network A complete set of software modules for creating a sensor network in a city or enterprise to track the desired indicators and provide access to them without a central point of failure. Today it is being tested in one of Russian’s industrial cities - Togliatti.

Self-driving cars and drones traffic management solution to avoid route collisions in public areas It’ll allow managing a fleet of drones with publicly monitored access to route changes to public agencies responsible for local security and efficiency of air space and roads.

Ecosystem integration updates We will focus on integrations with other parachains to expand the capabilities of IoT projects that are interested in the Polkadot ecosystem’s features.

Part 3: Transform into Robonomics Relay Chain

The final task for the 48 weeks of existence in the Kusama network is the transformation of the Robonomics parachain into the Robonomics Relay Chain. This is our vision of the future of Robonomics, as a complete segment of the Polkadot infrastructure specifically prepared for working with IoT devices.

Robonomics in Polkadot ecosystem

Robonomics Relay Chain on Polkadot

Kusama parachain is great opportunity for Robonomics to scale network up to 1 million IoT systems connected in real-time without any centrilized regulators.

The Robonomics developers team formed plan for 2 years within Kusama slot. We will try to build on our existing work and new software development 5 specific parachains, including:

Smart leasing parachain

Recoup your investment in the high-value robots by renting out it with a mechanism for tokenizing robots’ labor.

Robot as a Service (RaaS) parachain

Get and provide direct robot services without cashiers, clerks or centrilized cloud providers.

RWS parachain

Robonomics Web Services (RWS) will provide decentralized infrastructure for IoT solutions.

DAO IPCI parachain

The Robonomics network provides technology for environmental mitigation service DAO IPCI.

Distributed Sky parachain

Blockchain techonologies to control the traffic of drones (automated planning of drone flight paths, decentralized payment regulations, smart contract for transactions)

Smart rental and leasing

Robot as a Service

"Cloud" for IoT applications

Environmental mitigation

Drone vehicle traffic

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