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Waiting for the 3rd-5th slot auctions

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Robonomics Parachain
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Support Robonomics in the Kusama slots auction

  • Get 1KSM = 1XRT: XRT is ERC-20 token, available on Uniswap, Huobi, and in addition on PancakeSwap
  • Quick rewards available: 25% right after the win, 75% after the successful launch of the Robonomics parachain (est. 2-4 weeks)
  • Receive increased staking of 125% return for the next 48 weeks
  • Contribute to the future: Robonomics integrates new technologies into the real economy
Robonomics crowdloan campaign for a parachain slot starts on the eve of Third Kusama Parachain Slot auction, 2021/06/28! Contribute and get rewards.

Participate in the Robonomics crowdloan

By participating in the Robonomics crowdloan you lock your KSM for a period of time 48 weeks to help Robonomics lease a parachain slot and gain Kusama’s distributed computing power to service up to 10,000 digital twins of IoT devices at once.

Crowdloan campaign will start
on 28 June 2021
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For KSM holders

Robonomics PLO may be interesting for stakeholders who are looking for ways to diversify their KSM stake next 48 weeks inside the ecosystem. XRT is ERC-20 token, available on Uniswap, Huobi, and in addition on PancakeSwap.

For XRT holders

Gain value for your XRT by winning Kusama Slot with Robonomics network great potential for scaling. Read development plans in our blog

For tech-inspired

Robonomics already has complex ecosystem for connecting real world to Web3 Technology Stack. It's free, it's opensource, everybody can try it for IoT and Smart services. With Polkadot it can be even more cost-effective.

Robonomics Relay Chain on Polkadot

Kusama parachain is great opportunity for Robonomics to scale network up to 1 million IoT systems connected in real-time without any centrilized regulators.

The Robonomics developers team formed plan for 2 years within Kusama slot. We will try to build on our existing work and new software development 5 specific parachains, including:

Smart leasing parachain

Recoup your investment in the high-value robots by renting out it with a mechanism for tokenizing robots’ labor.

Robot as a Service (RaaS) parachain

Get and provide direct robot services without cashiers, clerks or centrilized cloud providers.

RWS parachain

Robonomics Web Services (RWS) will provide decentralized infrastructure for IoT solutions.

DAO IPCI parachain

The Robonomics network provides technology for environmental mitigation service DAO IPCI.

Distributed Sky parachain

Blockchain techonologies to control the traffic of drones (automated planning of drone flight paths, decentralized payment regulations, smart contract for transactions)

Smart rental and leasing

Robot as a Service

"Cloud" for IoT applications

Environmental mitigation

Drone vehicle traffic