Robonomics Parathread on Kusama [ID: 2077]

Summer crowdloan campaign for Robonomics on Kusama has ended. Robonomics team greatly values the support from the community, thanks to contributors all over the word! We did not get a slot during these 5 auctions, so we are moving forward with Plan B
27013.30 KSM received
from 993 contributors
Robonomics Parathread ID = 2077
  • 3.5 XRT For each KSM. This is ~ 1.5 times more profitable than staking KSM in the Kusama Relay Chain.
  • 5 XRT Increased reward for participants in the collection of the first 35,000 KSM
  • 135,000 KSM Total collection limit. This strategy will help to launch Robonomics parachain at the lowest price for end users.
  • Quick rewards You can get 50% of reward in the first month after the launch of the network
  • Exclusive APR up to 100% Full reward will be received after one year of staking with increased income up to 100%
  • Parachain native token All XRT tokens will be distributed in the Robonomics parachain

Robonomics in Polkadot ecosystem

Robonomics integrates Polkadot technologies into the IoT market. With Robonomics Parachain we will open the doors for hundreds of IoT developers to the Polkadot ecosystem and help them take their first steps under the guidance of experienced teachers and roboticists.

Robonomics Relay Chain on Polkadot

Kusama parachain is great opportunity for Robonomics to scale network up to 1 million IoT systems connected in real-time without any centrilized regulators.

The Robonomics developers team formed plan for 2 years within Kusama slot. We will try to build on our existing work and new software development 5 specific parachains, including:

Smart leasing parachain

Recoup your investment in the high-value robots by renting out it with a mechanism for tokenizing robots’ labor.

Robot as a Service (RaaS) parachain

Get and provide direct robot services without cashiers, clerks or centrilized cloud providers.

RWS parachain

Robonomics Web Services (RWS) will provide decentralized infrastructure for IoT solutions.

DAO IPCI parachain

The Robonomics network provides technology for environmental mitigation service DAO IPCI.

Distributed Sky parachain

Blockchain techonologies to control the traffic of drones (automated planning of drone flight paths, decentralized payment regulations, smart contract for transactions)

Smart rental and leasing

Robot as a Service

"Cloud" for IoT applications

Environmental mitigation

Drone vehicle traffic

Your questions

How long will the auction for Robonomics parachain slot last?

Robonomics starts the Crowdloan module from the 3rd auction (2021/06/29, 12:00 GMT). Contributions will be accepted at any point from the start and before their success or end of 5th auction (2021/07/13, 12:00 GMT + duration of 5th auction). Before participating in the crowdloan, double-check that the campaign is live on Twitter. Please remember that all crowdloan contributions are handled by the Crowdloan module’s logic where a campaign is identified by index, not by address. Never transfer tokens to an address in support of a campaign.

Why does Robonomics participation start only from the third round?

Developers could publish the Crowdloan module today, but then we would have to implement limits. As can be noticed, the first 4 projects that published their Crowdloan modules established a 1 million KSM token limit. We’re placing our bets on 100,000 KSM (updated 135,000 KSM) being enough to win one of the Kusama network auctions, but are also reserving space for ourselves to quickly adjust the limit if we come to understand that more KSM tokens will need to be collected by the conclusion of the first and second rounds. In general, we’re trying to manoeuvre in search of an optimal rental cost for a slot.

Will it be possible to participate in the Robonomics crowdloan through exchanges?

Some well-known exchanges like Kraken and Okex are already providing crowdloan support for their users. On this page you can find participation module with different ways to support Robonomics in auction. We will update the list of relevant exchanges that support interaction with the Crowdloan module at the start of the 3rd auction.

Will it be possible to participate in the Robonomics crowdloan with KSM that are hold on the Ledger?

Ledger-based accounts cannot participate directly in crowdloans, as the Ledger app does not support the crowdloan.contribute extrinsic. Ledger Support

Do I have to unbond my KSM to participate in auction?

You need to unbond your KSM, if you are currently staking (bonding) it. If you are going to participate in crowdloan campaign through the exchange, please, contact it directly for more details. Read how to unbond your KSM on Kusama WIKI.

Is there a minimum contribution amount to participate in the crowdloan?

There is a small minimum built into Kusama by default (0.1 KSM) largely for scalability purposes and is not intended to prohibit small contributions. Robonomics team did not set any required minimum for contribution, you are welcome at any amount that is valid for Kusama conducted crowdloans.

How long will the KSM tokens be locked in case of successful campaign?

Your KSM will be locked for the full duration of the Robonomics parachain lease. This will in in total 48 weeks after winning the auction.

Will my KSM be returned after the parachain lease ends?

Yes, your KSM will be automatically returned to you when the parachain lease ends.

How/when will rewards be distributed?

You can get 50% of reward in the first month after the launch of the network. Full reward will be distributed after one year of staking with increased income up to 100%. For example, if you are entitled to a standard reward of 3.5 XRT for 1 KSM, then in the first month after the launch of the network you can receive 1.725 XRT for each 1 KSM.

What will happen to my KSM if Robonomics doesn’t win the 3rd-5th auctions?

If Robonomics does not win the 3th auction, it will continue to bid in the subsequent auctions. If Robonomics doesn’t win any auctions, the crowdloan will end, the funds will be returned to holders.

What will happen to Robonomics parachain if it doesn’t win the 3rd-5th auctions?

If Robonomics fails to win any auction in this auction period, it will prepare for the next auction period 48 weeks later. If next period will be also unsuccessful, the parachain will turn into a parathread. However, developers have already published preparation plans for future slot auctions: here’s a publication from October 26th, 2020, Robonomics Parachain Lease Offering, On-chain Governance Strategy. We also have a secret plan concerning the development of an algorithm to be built into the Robonomics protocol, which will autonomously generate beneficial bonding terms for KSM/DOT holders that will also benefit Robonomics. In general, we contemplate over medium-term issues in advance and continue to think about important matters such as maintaining Robobomics in the state of a parachain today.

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