Building Dapps && Web Services for IoT on Robonomics Parachain

Sergei Lonshakov, software architect

«Let us remember that the automatic machine is the precise economic equivalent of slave labor. Any labor which competes with slave labor must accept the economic consequences of slave labor.»

― Norbert Wiener, cybernetics

Robots are like grown-up children today – they already can manage money, and enter into legal relations, be independent.

The future of humanity itself depends on how we teach robots to handle their capabilities.

What is Robonomics?

Robonomics is an open-source platform for IoT applications. We support a new generation of internet technologies (web3) that implements the exchange of technical and economic information in the form of atomic transactions between user applications, IoT services, and complex robotics.

User (D)App
Function request
Digital twin
IoT Device

Robonomics tools

Operate with digital twins of IoT devices
The first tools of the robot economy: money for robots, contracts for robots
Software for connecting devices to a decentralized cloud
API library for custom IoT applications

Robonomics contains a complete set of tools for developing IoT applications, both on the robotics and the user interface sides. Communication between the user and device happens using the most successful technologies from the Web3 world – IPFS, Ethereum, and Polkadot. Thus, developers can create modern and secure applications for Smart Cities and Industry 4.0.


Robonomics Connectivity

For the developers’ convenience, Robonomics contains a set of software for connecting: IoT devices using the HTTP/MQTT protocol, complex robotic systems using the Robot Operating System (ROS).

Connect a sensor to the Robonomics network
Try Robonomics IO – a simple prototyping tool
Start building your own cyber physical system with Aira OS

Robonomics Supports Hundreds of Robots Out of the Box

Platform users can connect ROS-compatible robots to digital economy in a matter of minutes. For a complete list of supported robots, please follow the link:

Decentralized Cloud infrastructure for IoT

Robonomics Web Services (RWS) is the basic infrastructural service for Robotics and IoT on top of Robonomics Parachain and IPFS.

IoT Device
Robonomics Connectivity
economy of robots

Core RWS features available for IoT today

RWS PubSub Message Broker
Use unlimited messaging over a p2p network based on IPFS protocol
RWS Data Blockchainization Service
Put data into IPFS and store hashes in a public Blockchain
RWS Robot Actions
Switch on / off; launch or stop your IoT devices under the control of a decentralized computer

Heart of Your IoT Application - Digital Twin on Blockchain

In the technical architecture, IoT digital twins provide the visibility and monitoring of things and related events (e.g., using IoT devices to automatically capture the origin of a product), and blockchain enables the shared single version of the truth as to the state of these things across their life cycles and associated business events [from Gartner research]

Robonomics Parachain provides an opportunity to create a model of a digital twin and update its state every 6 seconds.

App Store for Robotics - Robonomics Marketplace

Companies that design and manufacture IoT-connected products and equipment should adopt a flexible digital twin delivery model to lower barriers to adoption, such as offering digital twins via marketplaces, rather than only offering digital twins via their own, proprietary, delivery model [from Gartner research]

The developed digital twin model can be directly linked with additional services that your company provides for the IoT industry.

To make a delivery process convenient and simple for hundreds of customers, we have added a section of the services for robots marketplace. Take a look at the first examples of the implemented bundles of digital twin model + company automated service.

You've got an idea for your service for robots or users? Then proceed to the step-by-step instructions for building your IoT application on the Robonomics platform.

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