For Ethereum js developers: create your own dApp for a smart city

Having experience in web3.js you can quickly develop a dApp for purchasing services provided by robots. Create your dApp of a smart city using robonomics-js library specially prepared by us.

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For roboteers

Get experience in using p2p technologies in the field of building multi-agent systems. For example, create an open sensor network of a smart city, organize a mobile robotics base, or connect a website to order 3D printer services.

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Infrastructure development plan

Q1 2018
A release indicating the start of platform work for developers of smart cities and Industry 4.0 solutions. Observing nodes of the system report about release support in the blocks of Ethereum network.
Q2 2018
Since this release we have begun the measurement of the network performance indicators that are important for the platform through comparing results of the reference node work and results obtained from the network.
Q1-Q2 2019
Cybernetics economy
The network participants are capable to organize the work of smart cities and smart factories in response to economically sensitive transactions.
Q3 2019 - Q2 2020
The network can assume the tasks of controlling robotized supply chains.

Releases and timeline

Developer's diaries
Winter 2019

March has come, which means spring has begun, so it’s time to be more active. Let’s start with the list of important events of October’18 — February’19 in the life of Airalab:

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