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The start of work with the Robonomics network

Robonomics is a big decentralized network of control and service execution accomplished by CPSs which is adaptive to human needs.

To start working with the network you should create an image of the network object entering in the console the following command:

Review of existing markets in the network

Robonomics is based on market mechanism. It means that there are markets in this network. To work with the network you should check out what markets exist in it so far.

Enter in the console the following command:

Review of the market capability to execute the order

We’ve got markets. Now we can see that in Robonomics network there are three markets: autonomous factories market, smart cities market, unmanned logistics market. Let’s choose the market of autonomous factories and see if there is anyone and what can be offered there.

Let’s send a request through entering in the console the following command:

Put your own order to the market

Now we know that there is an autonomous factory that is ready to execute an order for producing personalized cars. Let’s formulate a supply having uploaded the parameters of your car to ipfs and put it on the market. Robonomics network will create a liability contract for the smart factory and us.

Enter in the console the following command:

Receiving the order

Now let’s listen for the event of the liability execution by the autonomous factory. As soon as the factory gets its liability we will get the log of its operations.

Enter in the console the following command:


Now it’s your turn to create a new generation of dapps for Smart cities and Industry 4.0 on Robonomics platform.

Go to SDK

Ask the developers

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Press enter to submit commands

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For token holders and miners

To create economic incentives, which support infrastructure work in peer-to-peer network Ethereum we will issue an inner token – Robonomics token (XRT).

XRT will be required each time when it’s necessary to provide verification of working results of a smart factory or city.

XRT TGE in three phases

Selling access tokens to the infrastructure of Robonomics network in the format of Dutch auction for searching market price before token entering exchange
Allocating XTR tokens to support miners network for up-to-date software release performing test function.
Launching a distillatory vessel for converting AIR token, bounty release “Lighthouse” and token of Dutch auction.

Development plan of infrastructure

Q1 2018
A release indicating the start of platform work for developers of smart cities and Industry 4.0 solutions. Monitoring nodes of the system report about release support in the blocks of Ethereum network
Q2 2018
This release is the start of changing network activity indicators important for the platform by comparing the results of standard node work and the results received from the network
Cybernetics economy
The network participants own possibilities necessary for the work of smart cities and smart factories in response to economically valuable transactions
The network is able to assume the tasks of controlling robotized supply chains

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