For Ethereum js developers: create your own dApp for a smart city

Having experience in web3.js you can quickly develop a dApp for purchasing services provided by robots. Create your dApp of a smart city using robonomics-js library specially prepared by us.

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For roboteers

Get experience in using p2p technologies in the field of building multi-agent systems. For example, create an open sensor network of a smart city, organize a mobile robotics base, or connect a website to order 3D printer services.

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Infrastructure && tech development timeline

2015 - 2017
Ethereum + Robot operating system R&D stage

We identified a range of tasks, in which p2p technologies have capabilities that were not previously available for robotics, such as money for robots and smart contracts. These are examples of Robot-as-a-Service under decentralized computer control, i.e. economic agents on digital markets. That was our common vision of the next 4 years in work.

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Robonomics network concept

We formed a common concept for creating a decentralized network of providers for servicing Smart cities — the Robonomics network.

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Alfa network over Ethereum and IPFS

By November 2018, Airalab had alfa version of the Robonomics network running in Ethereum mainnet. Also we published on GitHub a set of tools for creating projects in the Robot-as-a-Service format and decentralized applications or serverless applications to work with the network.

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Robonomics as web3 framework

The IoT market is only growing up, which means that for connecting robots there is a huge opportunity to use web3 technologies straight away to organize human-to-machine and m2m communication. Cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, sovereign identification can be a strong driver for the development of Robot-as-a-Service around the world.

On top of two world computers and Aragon DAO for the Community

We continue to work with developing the Robonomics platform over Ethereum and Polkadot networks as universal L2 solution for Robot-as-a-Service/IoT nodes. There are more releases on GitHub and new cool tech under armor. We invite developers to our community to spread web3+robotics. Besides the community is welcome to participate in our project life from spring 2020 due to Aragon DAO.

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