Robonomics Winter School 2021

Free online Master Classes and Lectures open for attendees. Try to build Dapps and Web Services for IoT on Polkadot Parachain in time of Robonomics Winter School from 10th to 24th February 2021
Robonomics Winter School 2021

Robonomics Winter School 2021 is inviting all willing to join master classes and lectures hosted by experienced contributors and programmers operating with Dapps and Web services on the Polkadot Parachain.

Master classes include overviews of Robonomics io, using prepared digital twin templates for connecting with services, using Robonomics.js to interact via Dapps with digital twins of devices, and much more.

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Robonomics Winter School 2021 Schedule

DateEvent typeEventContributors
Feb 10, 2021Video

The opening ceremony, intro

All Robonomics Team

Feb 10, 2021QuizRobo quiz #1Diana
Feb 11, 2021Lesson

Connect robotics to user app


Feb 11, 2021QuizRobo quiz #2Diana
Feb 12, 2021Lesson

Robonomics GitHub overview


Feb 15, 2021Lesson

Robonomics IO in practice


Feb 16, 2021Audio

Podcast with Vitaly [Smart-lease of Robots]

Yakub && Vitaly
Feb 17, 2021LessonRobonomics parachain in practice


Feb 17, 2021Audio

Podcast with Santiago 'Polkadot ecosystem'

Yakub && Santiago
Feb 18, 2021Quiz

Robo quiz #3

Feb 18, 2021Audio

Podcast with Yakub & OCEAN

Feb 19, 2021LessonRobonomics Connectivity


Feb 20, 2021Quiz

Robo quiz #4

Feb 21, 2021LessonBuild IoT Dapps For End Users

@vol4tim && @positivecrash

Feb 24, 2021VideoClosing ceremonyYakub

Opportunity for developers and engineers

The Robonomics Winter School is an excellent opportunity for software developers and all interested to gain invaluable knowledge on working with the Robonomics Network and related packages for building Dapps and operating blockchain technologies and coding. The Robonomics Network invites all interested to join the courses and take advantage of the unique opportunity of gaining firsthand knowledge from industry experts. The courses will be hosted by Aleksandr Kapitonov (Dean of the Faculty of Infocommunication Technologies), Aleksandr Krupenkin (Robotics/IoT/Ethereum smart contract developer), Aleksandr Starostin (Web developer, Ethereum smart contract developer), Vadim Manaenko (Robotics and IoT engineer, drones developer), Anastasiia Bakai (UI, Motion Design, Front-end), Sergei Lonshakov (Robonomics co-founder and software architect).

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