Rewards for Ambassadors & Influencers

Rewards for Ambassadors & Influencers

Robonomics Network concept is quite wide and needs to be explained by people with various backgrounds and expertise. Thus, Robonomics DAO allocated 5000 XRT for rewarding influencers all over the world, that’d make overviews of the Robonomics Network in different formats and describe the basic concept for the outer world.

Currently, you can start by making video/written overviews of the following materials:

  • Robonomics Wiki page, designed for developers & researchers. It consists of technical information and guides on how to use Robonomics Network. In the “R&D based on Robonomics” section, you’ll find the list of scientific researchers based on Robonomics Network.

  • Robonomics DAPP, designed to become a marketplace of robotics services offered by Robonomics Network and its participants.

  • The upcoming update will simplify the RWS onboarding process and open present economy of robots services based on Robonomics platform;

  • Robonomics, the main Github repository of Robonomics Web Services, based on Substrate framework.

To participate in the Ambassadors & Influencers program, one needs to write an email with the proposal to the representatives of Robonomics marketing team. Ambassadors could also introduce Robonomics Network to different parties and get rewards depending on the agreement between DAO and Ambassador.

Email for inquiries: YS@Robonomics.Network

We're looking forward to collaborating with you!

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