Robonomics community

There are 2 tokens in Robonomics for now: XRT and RWS. Please, research the information below carefully before buying or asking questions in Community. You are welcome!

Robonomics token, XRT image

Robonomics token, XRT

Token address:

  • Etherscan:0x7de91b204c1c737bcee6f000aaa6569cf7061cb7
  • BscScan:
    This token contract is maintained by the team. The Robonomics team is not responsible for the issuance of the token in the Binance Smart Chain.
Robonomics Web Services, RWS image

RWS Lifetime Subscription

Token address:


RWS/XRT pair:


Beware of scammers

  1. Check the address of token while buying. Do not copy the address from chats or any private messages, view it on Etherscan.
  2. Please, check the information about rewards from official channels: or Twitter
  3. Robonomics ( and / or the AIRA (Airalab) team member WILL NOT send you any personal messages before you ask yourself for our help. Beware of messages containing any fake addresses or asking you personal data.
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