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    If you have no idea, what is Robonomics, go to our Wiki, read docs from tabs 'DOCS' and 'SCIENCE', chat with us (all links in tab 'INTOUCH').

    Here we are collecting all important theoretical and practical information about Robonomics Token (XRT).

    Core information about main tasks, emission, usage and additional tasks of Robonomics token (XRT) in the White Paper, chapter 6.

    Ethereum and Polkadot are token platforms for now. We are ready for launching of native Kusama parachain and plan to do it as soon as this is possible, read more.

    Real world use cases in Robonomics dApp. Note: XRT is utility token, not payment token for marketplace. Robonomics allows you to use any tokens as payment token for your robot-as-a-service. The robot will be charged commission by network in XRT. So if you are a robot holder, you can use any token for charging and your customers don't need to know additional information about other tokens, including XRT.

    Distribution Release 2020 in the presentation, accepted by Core dev DAO vote #51 on Aragon Aira Mainnet.

    How to buy XRT

    1. Please, check Robonomics token's address, it is

    2. To trade XRT visit one of the following exchages:

    Uniswap v2
    Decentralized protocol for automated liquidity provision on Ethereum.

    Regulated crypto currency exchange based in Estonia (previously

    The Ethereum decentralized exchange with real-time trading and high transaction throughput.

    0x and bZx relayer - trade, lend or borrow ERC20 tokens trustlessly from your own wallet.

    3. Beware of scammers

    For any additional bounty or reward, please, check our official channels (Twitter, more links in tab 'INTOUCH'). Robonomics ( and / or the AIRA (Airalab) team member WILL NOT send you personal messages containing any addresses for participation in TGE or offers of any bonuses, etc. Please, beware of scammers who send you fake ETH addresses in private messages.