XRT token in robonomics

XRT will be required every time the necessity to obtain any service of a cyber physical system arises.

XRT will be required every time the necessity to conclude a smart contract with any cyber physical system for service delivery arises. This will enable us to represent any robot as an autonomous service. ETH will not be required, only XRT.

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Info about token distribution

80% – Available for Dutch Auction

10% – Pre-distribution

10% – Robonomics network foundation

Token distribution will be carried out in the format of Dutch Auction. It means that:

  • XRT price start out small and falls over time
  • As a result of distribution each pays equal minimal price for XRT

For miners: take part in alfa release

In June 2018 Robonomics started running in Ethereum mainnet and any ETH holder can become its provider. Take part in bounty program on the network testing.

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