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We are expecting the launch of Robonomics parachain in Polkadot network
Last update April, 2019

Token in a nutshell

Token standard:
Token type:
Utility. Confirmed by FMA.
Primary target users:
Industry 4.0 and smart cities engineers
Scammer alert
No one from / AIRA team will send you a private message containing any contribution address or offering any bonus. Please be on the lookout for scammers who impersonate admins and send private messages with fake ETH address.


After alpha summer 2018 and beta fall 2018 releases of Robonomics in the Ethereum mainnet, the core development team invited the community to take part in estimating the initial XRT value.

  • 77% of the initial XRT emission is available for the Dutch auction.
  • XRT price starts at maximum and decreases over time.
  • Each auction participant will receive XRT at the minimum / final price.

Доли эмиссии токена XRT

77% – Offered for the Dutch auction
13% – Grants for community and developers
10% – Distributed earlier

The evaluation will take place in the form of a Dutch auction. The maximum levy is limited to 10,000 ETH. There are no bonuses. The final auction price will determine the initial multiplier of the subsequent XRT emission. Immediately after the auction, XRT can be used to start work with the Robonomics network provider. Network users will also be able to use XRT to pay for transactions to launch robots using the Ethereum computer. More on this in the White paper: Chapter 6 “Robonomics Token, XRT”

What do we plan to spend on

ETH and XRT grants received from the community will be spent by the Airalab core development team to publish new software releases on GitHub; improve technical and user documentation; provide free online user support for the next 2 years.

Item of expenditure XRT ETH
New releases 50% 50%
Documentation 20% 15%
Online support 5% 15%
Building community 25% 20%

What is Robonomics

This is the first opensource platform to which you can connect your robot as a service for end users (robot-as-a-service). Third generation Internet technologies supported by us implement the exchange of technical and economic information between machines and people. And with the help of the XRT token, economic incentives will be created for maintaining Robonomics with a decentralized network of providers.


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What does Robonomics provide

End users can get the service of an autonomous robot without purchasing any expensive equipment.

Roboteers can provide direct access to the functions of the robot based on subscription or payment for a specific service to the users.

Robonomics providers can open IoT data markets, control unmanned traffic and even launch work of entire factories by receiving payment from the network with each new transaction.

Airalab core developers

Sergey Lonshakov

Robonomics network architect

Aleksandr Kapitonov

PhD in Industrial Automation, Robot economics academic society progressor

Aleksandr Krupenkin

Robotics/IoT developer, Ethereum smart contract developer, Aira tech stack architect

Aleksandr Starostin

Web developer, Ethereum smart contract developer

Evgene Radchenko

System engineer


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