Bounty for miners

Since June 2018 Robonomics has been in Ethereum mainnet and any ETH holder can become its provider. Check the information below and take part in bounty on network testing.

Who Robonomics network providers are

The task of Robonomics token is to ensure the work of the decentralized network to maintain Smart cities and Industry 4.0 in the Ethereum infrastructure. To achieve this goal it’s necessary to reflect incentives of implementing a useful network function by independent providers in the token economy. We aspire to motivate providers, i.e. you, to launch Robonomics program in EVM with necessary for network users data. So, you get XTR, the network operates, what means that the services of Smart cities and Industry 4.0 work. Read more in Whitepaper (pdf, ~2,5Mb)

The special feature of XTR emission

Within our project we work at a number of pilot ideas. Among other things, we consider token emission as an encouragement for Robonomics program implementation in Ethereum computer. Read more in point 6 of Whitepaper (pdf, ~2,5Mb)

Alpha version in Ethereum mainnet

June 14, 2018 we launched an alpha version of smart Robonomics contract infrastructure in Ethereum mainnet. The main task that we were solving by the alpha release was the implementation of Robonomics platform’s version history and testing the XRT emission mechanism in accordance with the model described in Whitepaper (pdf, ~2,5Mb).

The first transaction for XRT emission

The emission amounted to 0.000973391 XRT or 973 391 Wn.

In this context, charges of the Robonomics providers amounted to:

  • 890 287 gas for the creation of a liability contract;
  • 168 153 gas for the finalization of a liability contract.
In detail

Trying XRT emission yourself

We have drafted an instruction manual, using which you can create your own lighthouse and “work” on it, receiving XRT emission.

We are warning you that this is an alpha release and all that you are going to “mine” will not be the original XRT token, we are still preparing a bounty program, using which you can transfer XRT alpha into the future “original” ones.

Read the instruction manual on creating a lighthouse and work with it:
Instruction in Google document

Download the program to work with Lighthouse:
Windows (.zip, ~3,8Mb)
Linux (build from source)

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